The Divine Comedy. Liberation album cover

The Divine Comedy


"Assured, eccentric, stylish and sumptuously produced.’

Laura Lee Davies |Time Out

"Collect everything simultaneously arch, pretty, smart, camp, infuriating and, sod it, just plain lush about pop music, stick it all in the back of a Bentley and drive it to the sea.

And if you can't do that, then buy this record.. 9/10 "

Danny Frost |NME

"An album that can walk down a leafy path to the cemetery of the soul. As I listen to Liberation, a thousand butterflies gatecrash my party. At least it seems that way."

Zane |Melody Maker

"Liberation offers a breadth and depth which summon up the spirits of Brecht and Weill, Brel, Scott Walker and lyrically, Brendan Behan. 8/10 "

Leo Finlay |Vox

"At a time when rock is rebelling against intelligence, The Divine Comedy are a tonic. But quite apart from all that, Liberation is a beautiful thing.

Rebel! Wear slippers! Smoke a pipe! Read! Buy this record! **** "

Graham Linehan |Select