The Divine Comedy. Casanova album cover

The Divine Comedy


"Casanova could be the year's first certifiable classic."

Andrew Mueller |The Independent

"After smashing polls and wowing critics with Liberation and Promenade, Divine Comedy once again deliver the goods in what is undeniably their most ambitious, accessible album to date.

With guitars, drums and bass, augmented by a forty piece orchestra, Divine Comedy - like their namesake - take us on a journey to paradise. Prepare to be wooed."

The HMV Selection

"Pure Class."

Mark Beaumont |NME

"It's the perfectionist attention to detail that counts."

Simon Price |Melody Maker

"The utterly wonderful album Casanova... Once listened to, forever addicted."

Mean Fiddler mag

**** "With strong melodies and a lyrical treatise on love that smoulders with knowingly arch comedy, this is music to appeal across all pop tastes."

Martin Aston |Q

**** "a welcome antidote to the bristling bravado of Male Rock in the '90s."

Andrew Male |Select

**** "Delicious."

CS |The Guardian
The Divine Comedy. Something for the Weekend single cover

The Divine Comedy

Something for the Weekend


"The ever whimsical Neil Hannon is in fine fettle on this rich and distinctly Eighties-flavoured outing which Radio One is already behind. ***** "

Music Week

"At once soaring, cheeky, leering, and truly weird."

Ned Raggett |All Music Guide

Factoid: Something for the Weekend' reached no.14 in the U.K. singles chart.

The Divine Comedy. Something for the Weekend single cover

The Divine Comedy

The Frog Princess


"Lush, hilarious pop mastery with whistling from the exquisite Neil Hannon. Single Of The Month, every month, forever."

Mark Beaumont |VOX


"Trumpets blast in the distance and the band strikes up a lush piano refrain. The court whistlers wet their lips and a wiry-haired drummer starts bashing at an iron kettle as if anticipating techno several hundred years in advance. Then the king appears - a gangly, gawky irishman with a soft spot for the laydeez...

Neil Hannon has been hiding the best single of the year up his sleeve for the past few months and now he's finally released it into the clutches of Chris Evans."


"It is big in that Spector-at-Abbey Road way: a trombone-blaringly obvious hit single."

Simon Price |Melody Maker

"The best-timed whistle in recorded history."

Mark Beaumont |NME

Factoid: The Frog Princess reached no.15 in the U.K. singles chart.

The Divine Comedy. Becoming more like Alfie single cover

The Divine Comedy

Becoming more like Alfie

**** "Another deserved British hit for Hannon."

Ned Raggett |All Music Guide

"When one thinks of the Divine Comedy's commercial breakthrough album Casanova, it's hard to keep Becoming More Like Alfie from instantly popping to the forefront of one's mind. The song nearly defines Neil Hannon's romantic gent persona of the time. Fitted with nostalgic brass adornment and lushly engineered by Darren Allison, it drips suave attitude. From its opening film samples to its bombastic, breezy catchiness, the song is wholly endearing and quite irresistible."

Tim DiGravina |All Music Guide

Factoid: Becoming more like Alfie reached no.27 in the U.K. singles chart.