Ten Speed Racer. 10SR album cover

Ten Speed Racer


"Produced by Ten Speed Racer and mixed by Darren Allison (Spiritualized / The Divine Comedy), the album is a superb collection of songs with sublime originality - fusing layered vocals and hyper-textured riffs into some of the most eloquent curvaceous, addictive and original songs 2003 will see!

Refusing to be tied to any category, oozing originality, Ten Speed Racer simply have an addictive personality...gear up and get set to become a 10 Speed Freak for all the right reasons! Addictive from the offset with the euphoric blaze of Bring On The Feeling to Your Demon Heart a punishing intense confessional. By My Side is a revved up Mantra; Come Over spins a six string kaleidoscope to gorgeous effect; Head races downhill into the arms of Love; Just Don't Wanna skews the sound into glorious art-punk; Fifteen is all dark melodrama and heady ensemble vocals; No One Love surfs a golden storm of guitars; Nobody Has To Know chimes out irresistibly; Overcast swaggers; Someday Soon goes beach punk; Wine Morphine goes grungedelia. None of it sounds quite like anyone else."

Shane McGinley |Campus

"All in all,10SR is an album quite in its own league, both original and smart."

Michelle Moore |Utv
Ten Speed Racer. Your Demon Heart single cover

Ten Speed Racer

Your Demon Heart

"A single snap of the snare and we're off... layer over layer of distorted guitars announce the tracks intention without any pretense.

At just over two and a half minutes, this is a blistering lesson in driven rock within the shape(if not the style) of classic tracks such as Iggy Pop's Lust for Life or Nirvana's Territorial Pissings."

Paddy Fagan |Rhythm In Sound

"Your Demon Heart goes straight from 0 to 60; all throbbing guitars with almost enough groove to qualify as Krautrock. They will be hailed as Dublin's answer to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-don't believe that either. They make the Black Rebels look like the Tufty Club.

Confessional single Your Demon Heart fuses sneering sinister undertones with hyper urbane guitar overtones-A fitting hard-hitting rock-out track giving a sarcastic fingered salute to breaking up!! Fresh, inventive, winsome, effortlessly cool and totally addictive....2003 is the year of Ten Speed Racer!"

Shane McGinley |Campus

"The screaming wall of feedback is underpinned by a driving rhythm, which is very probably best not listened to whist actually driving, for fear of some uncontrollable desire to demolish every pedestrian and bouncing bollard in your path."

Chris Hilliard |Drowned in Sound

Factoid: Your Demon Heart was 'Single of the Week' on Mark Radcliffe's Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 1 .

Ten Speed Racer. Fifteen single cover

Ten Speed Racer


"Every so often, a band comes out of left-field and announces its arrival with a release of the highest quality. Happily, this is just such a release."

‘The sound of a band hitting top gear.’

Michael Hulme |uk-fusion

"Well produced and infinitely listenable. 8/10 "


"It's truly fantastic."

martyn inman| this is not tv

Factoid: Fifteen reached no.26 in the Irish singles chart.