Jack. The Jazz Age album cover


The Jazz Age

"JACK are the most sweepingly romantic and ambitious British band of the moment and their new album, The Jazz Age, is a masterpiece."

Chris Roberts |Uncut

"..orchestral heavy pop sound and lyrics that reference beat poetry and European cinema, which, eventually, gives way to a more confessional kitchen-sink brand of song-writing that is much more honest and affecting. It is also worth noting that the album is produced by Darren Allison, who co-produced those first few Divine Comedy records... amongst them, the orchestral-pop masterpiece, Promenade.

The melodies and overall arrangement of the instrumentation is gorgeous, with few bands that I can think of really putting so much into the creation of a sound and atmosphere that is sustained throughout the entire LP."

Robin Tripp |Head Heritage


"And the record is the main reason I lke Jack. Unlike nearly every other band who hanker after destitute glamour, Jack are excellent. They have real style. They write sharp, assertive songs with cracking tunes and play them with agility and eye-popping fervour."

David Bennun |The Guardian


"Handsome, elegant, grand; beautiful and breathtaking in the perfect symmetries of its detail and design. It's the Sistine Chapel of modern orchestral rock, in fact. At a time when too much of what we have to listen to is the aural equivalent of a garden shed,The Jazz Age is a palatial vision in a landscape of eyesores, disfigurations, lean-tos and leftovers.'s tracks like Nico's Children, the opening lament of Three O'clock In The Morning, the unbearably beautiful and unapologetically pessimistic Saturday's Plan (imagine Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat without the laughs) and the sublime Lolita Elle that best characterise this powerful, wonderful record.

Against the odds, The Jazz Age is an unqualified triumph."

Allan Jones |Uncut
Jack. Steamin' single cover



"Jack serve up a delicious ode to the joys of getting drunk on this second single from their The Jazz Age album. Hand-claps, a roaring riff and an instantly appealing chorus grab the attention."

Music Week