Candidate. Under The Skylon album cover


Under The Skylon

"Under the Skylon is the sound of Candidate operating at the peak of their many powers and then taking it even further. Absolutely magnificent stuff that transcends all genres, scenes and New Rock Revolutions, this masterful collection of future folk and breathtaking pastoral pop is both truly timeless and utterly of the moment. All comedy aside, this record is the one to beat in '04. Don't miss it."

Michael Krugman |Rolling Stone

"The band have returned to more conventional songwriting territory on their new album, which traces a couple falling in and out of love. Being Candidate, however, and therefore one of the more inventive bands around, they've chosen to use as a central image the Skylon, a futuristic floating-on-air structure erected for the Festival of Britain and then, for no discernible reason, pulled down again."

Mark Edwards |The Times

"With great melodies and a rare example of that old-fashioned craft, songwriting, this album is beautiful in its performance, production and conception. Definitely an album of the year."

James R Turner |BBC Radio 2 Folk & Acoustic

"Under the Skylon is an accomplished, touching album, worthy of the support it's garnered from the likes of Mark Radcliffe and Clare Sturgess. Like the Skylon, it's beautiful, fragile.. "

Ben Bollig |No Ripcord

"**** Under the Skylon finds Candidate realising their potential without limitations and it simply soars with new-found freedom. Nurturing a sound direct from the deep-south, it rolls and circles with creativity, Joel Morris evermore the country-sagged anti-star. Sometimes gambles really do pay off. More please."

Pete Steel |LOGO Magazine

"A superb band, one of the best in Britain."

Stuart Maconie|BBC Radio 2

"A truly wonderful release."

Mark Barton |LOSING TODAY Magazine
Candidate. Another One Down single cover


Another One Down

"They can also rock out, ever so slightly - perhaps the influence of man at the controls, Darren Allison, producer of Spiritualized - as on the folk wall-of-sound 'Another One Down'."

Ben BolligNo Ripcord

"'Another One Down' was one of the best songs on the album (Under the Skylon) so it being the first single from the album pleased me a lot, purely because its one of those songs you just cant get tired of listening to, a classic so to speak."

Rob GissingThe Digital fix